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Premyogi Society and this Harinam Siddhi Community is not a cult. Bhaktiratna Sadhu is a very simple, humble, transparent, and a non-imposing Guru who does not promote his own worship. His primary interest is to share realized writings, videos, and audios on Bhakti Yoga online for one and all, with the help of the voluntary support he receives. He has no interest in raising or canvassing for funds.

Nor does he hoard money or construct huge projects or ashrams which are prone to misuse and politics, from the voluntary donations he receives. He does not encourage anyone to leave everything and come to him. Nor is he interested in having a lot of disciples. He gives Harinam Diksha only after knowing the keenly interested disciple for at least five years. He does not re-initiate disciples of others bona-fide Gurus who are in good standing.

Anyone can study his vani online and implement it in their lives if they want. He is not attached to getting more disciples and donations or losing them, or in wasting money by travelling around the world in the name of “prachar” especially in this age of the internet where everyone can be reached online. He is not interested in starting any construction projects just for the sake of raising funds. His expressions in his videos are due to the bliss of Bhakti Yoga only. He has never consumed any intoxicants, drugs, or non-veg foods from his birth.

Bhaktiratna Sadhu meets devotees in person only a few times in a year and by prior scheduling only. He rather prefers to peacefully produce realized ever-lasting vani for the future generations. Because this vani of his can reach even to those in the present and future who can never meet him in person (vapu). He does not meet matajis alone in private or public, without some devotee present, due to his utmost respect for all mataji devotees. He has never had a female secretary nor does he touch or hug matajis or his spiritual daughters even in public. He never accepts personal massages or intimate personal services even from male devotees what to speak of matajis.

He believes more in giving his powerful always-on-record vani-sanga on Raadhaa.com than his easily lost and forgotten spoken vapu-sanga. He At the same time, he gives his full public guidance on all questions in the Hare Krishna Bhaktas Group, Nityananda Bhaktas Group, or personal / private guidance through email within 24-96 hours.

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